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    Student Union staff outside of the Student Union

    South Dakota State University

    Welcome Back, Jacks!

    A busy SDSU Student Union is on the horizon. Were looking forward to seeing our union Main Street buzzing again when students return to campus this fall!

    Whilst these affairs had been taking place in England, the Emperor had been finding himself less and less able to contend against France and Spain. He had in vain exerted himself to engage the Dutch and English in his quarrel. He called upon them as bound by the faith of treaties; he represented the balance of power for which both Holland and England had made such sacrifices, as more in danger than ever; but none of these pleas moving Walpole or the Dutch, he threatened to withdraw his troops from the Netherlands, and make over that country to France. The threat of the Emperor did not move Walpole; he knew too well that it was but a threat. The Emperor, therefore, was now compelled to come to terms. A treaty was to be entered into under the mediation of the maritime Powers. As Fleury and Walpole, too, were bent on peace, they submitted to all the delays and punctilios of the diplomatists, and finally were rewarded by a peace being concluded between the different parties on these terms:Don Carlos was to retain Naples and Sicily, but he was to resign the possession of Parma and the reversion of Tuscany; of the claimants to the Polish Crown, Augustus was to remain King of Poland, and Stanislaus was to receive, as an equivalent, the Duchy of Lorraine, which, after his decease, was to devolve to the Crown of France. This was an aim which France had had in view for ages, but which neither the genius of Richelieu nor of Mazarin could[66] accomplish. It was rendered comparatively easy now, as the young Duke of Lorraine was about to marry the Empress's only child, the Princess Maria Theresa, and thus to succeed through her to the Empire. Yet the Duke ceded his patrimonial territory with extreme regret, and not till he had received in return the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and a pension from France. The regnant Grand Duke of Tuscany, the last of the Medicis, was on the verge of death, and his decease took place in less than two years, when the Duke of Lorraine was put in possession. France and Sardinia gave their guarantee to the Pragmatic Sanction, and Sardinia obtained, in consequence, Novara, Tortona, and some adjoining districts. England appears to have looked on with strange apathy at this aggrandisement of France by the acquisition of Lorraine, but it was impossible to prevent it, except by a great war, and Walpole was not disposed for even a little one. This treaty is known as the Definitive Peace of Vienna (Nov. 8, 1738).Landor turned away from the window and looked at her. It was in human nature that she had never seemed so beautiful before. Perhaps it was, too, because there[Pg 149] was warmth in her face, the stress of life that was more than physical, at last.

    You belong here. With nearly 200 program offerings, 240+ unique student organizations, daily campus events, community outreach, innovative research, performing arts and Division I athletics, there's a place for everyone at SDSU.
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    Student Resources:

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    Summer 2021

    SDSU offers a variety of courses throughout the summer for students to continue their studies. Visit our Summer 2021 site for more information.

    Summer 2021 Info
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    Fall 2021 FAQs

    Important information intended to help students, faculty, staff and others prepare for the fall 2021 semester.

    Read the latest FAQs
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    JacksRBack: Fall 2021

    The JacksRBack task force is responsible for developing and planning SDSUs return to on-campus operations for the fall 2021 semester.

    View the latest plans
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    Student life

    SDSU students know theres no shortage of activities from which to choose right here on campus and within the Brookings community. See what SDSU and our community has to offer.

    Explore student life
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    Learn About SDState

    As a land-grant university, weve always served South Dakota; today we build on that tradition by developing responsible global leaders.

    About us
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    Campus Attractions

    Looking for something to do during the week or on the weekends? Come to the SDSU campus and enjoy visiting museums, shopping at the bookstore, or dining at one of our many establishments.

    Eat, shop, explore
    Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine

    COVID-19 Vaccine

    Are vaccines safe and effective? Who can get a vaccine? Where can I get a vaccine? When can I get a vaccine? Get the answers to these questions and more.

    Vaccine information
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    COVID-19 Testing

    View the latest information regarding COVID-19 testing hours, locations and options.

    View the latest testing information
    AISC Early Orientation

    American Indian Opportunities

    SDSU seeks to create a welcoming and supportive campus environment for American Indian students through a variety of academic programs, scholarships, student services and initiatives.

    Find out more

    University Events

    See All University Events
    Jun 25

    Prairie Repertory Theatre Presents: The Gin Game

    Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center
    Jun 26

    Prairie Repertory Theatre Presents: The Gin Game

    Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center
    Jun 26

    Prairie Repertory Theatre Presents: The Gin Game

    Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center
    Jun 29

    SDSU Football Team Camp

    Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium

    University News

    See All University News
    PRT 50th anniversary logo

    Prairie Repertory Theatre closes season with Little Shop of Horrors

    Their cannon was both inferior and worse served than that of the English; and when, at one o'clock, the duke began to play on their ranks with his artillery, he made dreadful havoc amongst them. Several times the Highlanders endeavoured to make one of their impetuous rushes, running forward with loud cries, brandishing their swords and firing their pistols; but the steady fire of the English cannon mowed them down and beat them off. Seeing, however, a more determined appearance of a rush, Colonel Belford began to charge with grape shot. This repelled them for a time; but at length, after an hour's cannonade, the Macintoshes succeeded in reaching the first line of the English. Firing their muskets, and then flinging them down, they burst, sword in hand, on Burrel's regiment, and cut their way through it. The second line, however, consisting of Sempill's regiment, received them with a murderous fire. Cumberland had ordered the first rank to kneel down, the second to lean forward, and the third to fire over their heads. By this means, such a terrible triple volley was given them as destroyed them almost en masse. Those left alive, however, with all their ancient fury, continued to hew at[107] Sempill's regiment; but Cumberland had ordered his men not to charge with their bayonets straight before them, but each to thrust at the man fronting his right-hand man. By this means his adversary's target covered him where he was open to the left, and his adversary's right was open to him. This new man?uvre greatly surprised the Highlanders, and made fearful havoc of them. From four to five hundred of them fell between the two lines of the English army. Whilst the Macintoshes were thus immolating themselves on the English bayonets, the Macdonalds on their left stood in sullen inaction, thus abandoning their duty and their unfortunate countrymen from resentment at their post of honour on the right having been denied them. At length, ashamed of their own conduct, they discharged their muskets, and drew their broadswords for a rush; but the Macintoshes were now flying, and the grape-shot and musket-shot came so thickly in their faces, that they, too, turned and gave way. Whilst Charles stood, watching the rout of his army to the right, he called frantically to those who fled wildly by to stand and renew the fight. At this moment Lord Elcho spurred up to him, and urged him to put himself at the head of the yet unbroken left, and make a desperate charge to retrieve the fortune of the day; but the officers around him declared that such a charge was hopeless, and could only lead the men to certain slaughter, and prevent the chance of collecting the scattered troops for a future effort. Though he did not attempt to resist the victorious enemy, which was now hopeless, he seems to have lingered, as if confounded, on the spot, till O'Sullivan and Sheridan, each seizing a rein of his bridle, forced him from the field.Prairie Repertory Theatre closes its 50th season with next weeks showings of the award-winning musical, Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman. The productions will be in person June 30 July 2 at 7:30 p.m. and July 3 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

    Ragsdale Awarded Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grant

    "Have you got them all aboard, Sergeant?" in quired Lieut. Bowersox.South Dakota State University professor Aaron Ragsdale was recently awarded a 2021 Literacy Grant from The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phithe nation's oldest and most selective collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines.

    West River Nursing Programs Begin Transition

    To avoid being sighted and identified when passing the amphibian, the airplane must cut inland instead of making a beeline for the golf course.Plans are underway to transition bachelor-level nursing education programs in western South Dakota from two universities to one. The recommendation comes from a state task force that spent the past year studying efficiencies within the public university system.

    Students earn Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation scholarships

    Next morning the Sky Patrol, the millionaire and others took the train from camp to the harbor.South Dakota State University students Aryanna Mulroy and Kenna Foss have received scholarships from the Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation.


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