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    Vicino alle mele. Vicino ai clienti.

    The following is the kind of reasoning adopted[175] by the thief or the assassin, whose only motives for not breaking the laws are the gallows or the wheel. (I know that the analysis of ones own thoughts is an art only learnt by education, but a thief does not the less act according to certain principles because he is unable to express them). Of what sort, he argues, are these laws that I am bound to observe, that leave so great an interval between myself and the rich man? He denies me the penny I ask of him, and excuses himself by ordering from me a work of which he himself knows nothing. Who has made these laws? Were they not made by rich and powerful men, who have never deigned to visit the wretched hovels of the poor, who have never divided a musty loaf of bread amid the innocent cries of famished children and the tears of a wife? Let us break these bonds, which are fatal to the greater number, and only useful to a few indolent tyrants; let us attack injustice in its source. I will return to my state of natural independence; I will live for some time happy and free on the fruits of my courage and address; and if the day should ever come when I have to suffer and repent for it, the time of suffering will be short, and I shall have one day of misery for many years of liberty and pleasure. As the king of a small band, I will correct the errors of fortune, and see these tyrants pale and tremble before one, whom in their insolent arrogance they rated lower than their[176] horses or their dogs. Then religion hovers before the mind of the criminal, who turns everything to a bad use, and offering him a facile repentance and an almost certain eternity of bliss does much to diminish in his eyes the horror of that last tragedy of all.

    he glanced at her when she was a baby, decided he didn't like her,Every house in the town was shuttered, not a soul was to be seen in the baked streets; only here and there in a shady corner a beggar might be seen asleep. A chigram only was slowly moving along at the slow pace of two draught oxen, carrying the women of a zenana, and their constant chatter[Pg 300] within the curtains of the clumsy vehicle sounded formidably loud and discordant in the silence, the death-like exhaustion of noon. A foxy smell came up from everything that the sun was baking, and towards the end of the day it had become intolerable, corpse-like. It died away, however, after sunset.Il Consorzio delle Cooperative Ortofrutticole Altoatesine VOG leader in Europa per la produzione di mele da tavola favorendo la presenza della mela dellAlto Adige - Sdtirol sui mercati di tutto il mondo.

    I've elected economics this year--very illuminating subject.Although stupid, M. Geoffrin was harmless, good, and charitable. Their only child, the Marquise de la Fert Imbault, adored her father, whom she preferred to her mother. She was a pretty, high-spirited girl, an ardent Catholic, hated her mothers atheist friends, and always declared that she had forced her into her marriage, which, although a great one, was not a happy one.

    75 anni di storia

    Fiducia e collaborazione. Questo motto port alla fondazione del VOG nel 1945 e rappresenta tuttora la struttura portante del consorzio.

    12 cooperative

    si occupano di ottimizzare limplementazione delle diverse fasi di produzione

    4.600 soci

    Con impegno e dedizione per 365 giorni lanno, i nostri soci producono mele da tavola di altissima qualit.

    Agricoltura integrata

    Manteniamo il naturale equilibrio presente nel frutteto rispettando gli antagonisti naturali dei parassiti e solo in caso di bisogno ricorrendo a pratiche di regolazione.

    Produzione biologica

    Una parte delle nostre mele prodotta secondo il metodo di produzione biologica. Si tratta di un tipo di agricoltura che considera lintero ecosistema agricolo, sfrutta la naturale fertilit del suolo, favorendola con interventi limitati, promuove la biodiversit dellambiente in cui opera e esclude lutilizzo di prodotti di sintesi.





    Le nostre mele

    `A writer?' Jerusha's mind was numbed. She could only repeat Mrs.Royal Gala

    B. Two blue quills.Golden Delicious

    But these periods of time will not be lengthened in exact proportion to the atrocity of crimes, since the probability of a crime is in inverse ratio to its atrocity. It will, then, be necessary to shorten the period for inquiry and to increase that of prescription; which[159] may appear to contradict what I said before, namely, that it is possible to inflict equal penalties on unequal crimes, by counting as a penalty that period of imprisonment or of prescription which precedes the verdict. To explain to the reader my idea: I distinguish two kinds of crimesthe first, atrocious crimes, beginning with homicide and including all the excessive forms of wickedness; the second comprising less considerable crimes. This distinction is founded in human nature. Personal security is a natural right, the security of property a social one. The number of motives which impel men to violate their natural affections is far smaller than those which impel them, by their natural longing for happiness, to violate a right which they do not find written in their hearts but only in the conventions of society. The very great difference between the probability of these two kinds of crime respectively makes it necessary that they should be ruled by different principles. In cases of the more atrocious crimes, because they are more uncommon, the time for inquiry ought to be so much the less as the probability of the innocence of the accused is greater; and the time of prescription ought to be longer, as on an ultimate definite sentence of guilt or innocence depends the destruction of the hope of impunity, the harm of which is proportioned to the atrocity of the crime. But in cases of lesser criminality, where the presumption in favour of a mans[160] innocence is less, the time for inquiry should be longer; and as the harm of impunity is less, the time of prescription should be shorter. But such a division of crimes ought, indeed, not to be admitted, if the danger of impunity decreased exactly in proportion to the greater probability of the crime. One should remember that an accused man, whose guilt or innocence is uncertain, may, though acquitted for lack of proofs, be subjected for the same crime to a fresh imprisonment and inquiry, in the event of fresh legal proofs rising up against him, so long as the time of prescription accorded by the laws has not been past. Such at least is the compromise that I think best fitted to preserve both the liberty and the security of the subject, it being only too easy so to favour the one at the expense of the other, that these two blessings, the inalienable and equal patrimony of every citizen, are left unprotected and undefended, the one from declared or veiled despotism, the other from the turbulence of civil anarchy.of anybody being asylum-sick, did you?Fuji

    and ate and ate until they went to her head. For two days sheGranny Smith

    This, then, is the way to avoid confounding the relations and invariable nature of things, which, being unlimited by time and in ceaseless operation, confounds and overturns all narrow regulations that depart from it. It is not only the arts of taste and pleasure which have for their universal principle the faithful imitation of nature; but the art of politics itself, at least that which is true and permanent, is subject to this general maxim, since it consists in nothing else than the art of directing in the best way and to the same purposes the immutable sentiments of mankind.Braeburn

    I've ever had to get acquainted with Jerusha Abbott. I think I'mPS. Here is my physiology exam. Do you think you could have passed?Red Delicious


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Stayman Winesap



    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Coop 38 / GoldRush


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Cripps Pink / Pink Lady

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Nicoter/ Kanzi

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Scilate (cov) / envy

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} Shinano Gold / yello

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}MC38 / Crimson Snow

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Scifresh / Jazz

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Civni / Rubens

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Civg198 / Mod

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}ROHO 3615 / Evelina

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}SQ 159 / Natyra

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Minneiska / SweeTango

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}CIVM49 / RedPop

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Ipador / Giga

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}WA38 / Cosmic Crisp

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Cripps Red / Joya


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}tonnellate di produzione


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}piante coltivate


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}paesi d'esportazione


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}ettari di superficie

    420 - 450

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}milioni di fatturato

    Dicono di noi

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Raggiungere certi traguardi e superarli non da tutti, riesce solo chi con tenacia e perseveranza si applica per scrivere pagine del suo futuro. Il mio augurio sincero per ci che ora siete e per quanto domani saprete essere.

    Gianmarco Guernelli
    Responsabile Acquisti Ortofrutta

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}We want to congratulate VOG with more than 70 years fruitful business!
    We are proud to be your Marlene partner in Netherlands.
    Wishing the whole VOG team all the best for the coming years.

    Jack Aartsen
    owner Aartsenfruit
    We've had the pleasure of collaborating with VOG for over 18 years. The VOG team has enabled us to successfully establish Marlene as the premier brand in Cyprus, and we are proud to be the supplier of this premium product in our market. We thank you for all your support over the years, and we look forward to an even more profitable future together.
    Andreas Agrotis
    Amalthia Trad. Company

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}La profesionalidad y excelencia de VOG ha convertido a ARC Eurobanan, con "Marlene" en un referente en Espaa. Esta alianza comercial ha hecho que unas excelentes manzanas y el adecuado canal de comercializacin se conviertan en lderes en la categora en la Peninsula Iberica. La marca ha tenido una increble proyeccin en nuestro grupo y esperamos que ste, desemboque en un proyecto mucho mayor a medio plazo.

    Juan Jos Ledesma
    Coordinador Dpto. Internacional y Marketing. Grupo ARC Eurobanan

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}I have had the pleasure of working with VOG over a number of years; more than 25 in total.
    First in Gartnerhallen and there after in Bama.
    VOGs wide range of quality products , their team and their nice location for appleproduction makes VOG one of Bamas preferred suppliers.

    Hilde Ohnstad
    Product Manager

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Wir blicken auf eine langjhrige, vertrauensvolle und partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit dem VOG zurck, bei der wir uns stets darauf verlassen konnten, den besten Service und Produkte in Top Qualitt zu bekommen. Wir freuen uns darauf, diese Partnerschaft auch knftig erfolgreich fortzusetzen.

    Alois Kruth
    Geschftsfhrer Bnting

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}We at Dansk Supermarked have always been very pleased with the cooperation with VOG. The very good service and flexibility makes everyday business easy.
    The high quality apples ensures our customers a good experience in appearance and taste, and has helped us grow sales - in particular on Pink Lady.

    Thomas Feld
    Category Buyer / Indkber

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}We have been able to grow the business with VOG due to them offering a variety of consistently high quality fruit, this is vital to Peter Gilding & Co Ltd growing our programs with our customers in the UK.
    We look forward to continuing our good partnership with VOG and we wish you all the best for the future.

    Andrew Gilding
    Peter Gilding & Co Ltd

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Nuestra visin como distribuidores en el mercado Espaol ha sido siempre la de colaborar con ellos tratando de ofrecer las claves de xito para adecuar su producto al mercado y en todo momento apoyando las campaas de marketing asociadas a la marca. Quiero remarcar que estamos orgullosos de ser parte del proyecto Marlene en Espaa, del camino recorrido juntos y seguiremos a su lado para ayudarles a cosechar muchos ms futuros xitos juntos.

    Christophe Laffon
    Director Comercial de Hnos. Fernndez Lopez

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}We highly value the flexibility, capacity and quality of Vog. The developing of branding and promotion is essential for ICA and in this area Vog have done a good job to support the growth of the 2 companys.
    We for sure have a interesting and exciting future ahead of us, were we look forward to develop the apple business together.

    Marcus Welin
    Inkpschef frukt

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}70 aos es toda una vida y llegado ste momento es normal que fluyan los recuerdos de sta larga historia, pueden sentirse satisfechos y orgullosos por el camino recorrido pues ha sido fructfero y brillante.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Esperamos poder acompaarle en el camino que queda por recorrer.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Un fuerte abrazo

    Sr. Francisco Argils Felip
    Presidente del Grupo NUFRI

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}I have spent thirty-five years of my life in the fresh fruit business. That is seventy per cent of my life and fifty percent of that of VOG. I am lucky to have seen VOG transforming the apple trade to perfection. Planet fruit importers Ltdand myself are privileged and grateful to VOG, for the opportunity they have granted us to form part of this success.

    Joseph Zammit
    Planet Fruit Importers Ltd

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Pi di 10 anni fa la ditta Ringoot ha iniziato la collaborazione con VOG.
    Quando all'inizio era solo un lavoro discreto di Pink-Lady oggi facciamo ogni anno pi de 2.500.000 kili insieme.
    Con la marca Marlene abbiamo introdotto tutte le variet di mele.
    Sin dall'inizio abbiamo avuto un ottima collaborazione con i commerciali della VOG.
    Non solo la gestione quasi perfetta ma le attivit di promozione sono bene pensate.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Tutto questo insieme fa crescere VOG & la famiglia Ringoot.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Un gran saluto di amicizia

    Olivier & Dany Ringoot
    Ringoot Fruit N.V.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Vogelaar Vredehof BV feliciteert VOG met haar 70e verjaardag. Onze vruchtbare jarenlange samenwerking is een voorbeeld van hoe gespecialiseerde bedrijven de Europese markt goed kunnen bedienen. Door continuering van deze samenwerking met VOG zien we goede toekomst voor de afzet van appels uit Zuid Tirol op de Nederlandse markt.

    Liesbeth Jacobs
    Marketing Manager

    La qualit VOG

    Certificazione di prodotto

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}VOG commercializza mele di marca con la garanzia del massimo standard qualitativo.
    Dal 2006 il legame tra le promesse dei due marchi principali Marlene e Mela Alto Adige IGP e lorigine dei frutti si rafforzato con lottenimento del sigillo Indicazione Geografica Protetta IGP che accompagna ben 13 variet di mele altoatesine.

    Certificato di gruppo

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Un grande vantaggio per gli agricoltori e per i consumatori la possibilit di ottenere una certificazione GLOBALG.A.P. di gruppo. Un sistema di gestione qualit rigoroso e coerente assicura che ogni agricoltore si attenga ai requisiti dello standard. Il risultato: un sistema che funziona alla perfezione e che garantisce la massima sicurezza del prodotto per il consumatore.

    Gli standard qualitativi

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Il Sistema di Gestione della Qualit si basa sulla ISO 9001:2008.
    VOG certificata ISO e tutte le cooperative sono certificate ISO, IFS e BRC. Per VOG e le cooperative associate lavorano oltre 30 ispettori interni.

    La filiera della qualit

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Le mele dellAlto Adige - Sdtirol sono lorgoglio di unintera regione. Come quintessenza della salute, il sapore inconfondibile e un piacere unico corrispondono ad altissimi standard di qualit. Leggi di pi


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